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A California Creative Agency

Clear Blue Studios is a full service creative agency in Monterey, CA specializing in marketing, web design and video production whose goal is to connect it’s clients with their ideal customer.

This incredible and complicated feat of marketing genius is done by delving into the heart of each business, finding out what makes them unique/special, and conveying that message in clear and compelling ways to the consumer.

Look, anyone can put shapes, colors, sounds, words etc. together to create a website or video, but it takes understanding the message and the audience to achieve real connection.

From strategic planning, branding and graphic design to web design and development, video production, social media and guerrilla marketing we work with various companies and brands to expand their customer base and influence.

So if you want to blow minds, create buzz, develop relationships and be the envy of the competition, you’ve come to the right place.

Call an account manager today to hear how our Creative Agency can make web design, video production, social media and marketing work for you and your organization.

Prospectus in Motion | HD Video Production

Video Production for Corporations, Schools and Non-Profits
We believe that the human brain is wired for visual stimulation. That is to say, all the fancy words, buzzwords and marketing terms you throw at your core audience is not nearly as effective as SHOWING them what you mean.

That is why we are offering Schools, Non-Profits and Corporations a chance to DEMONSTRATE what sets their organization apart with our 'Prospectus In Motion'.
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New from the Brilliant Minds @ Clear Blue
The staff here at Clear Blue Studios keeps dreaming up new ways to create compelling marketing experiences for the brands that we serve.

We thought . . . why not share it with everyone?

So we will continue featuring our newest work on a page simply titled: "New Stuff" (I thought of that myself).

From videos to websites, and ad layouts to experiential and experimental marketing this page will give you an idea of the cutting edge work we do to engage audiences with our clients.

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