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Business Video Production

Video: A Extraordinary Tool for Companies

In today's culture where people are often too busy to peruse all the information that you have to offer them on your website, brochures or handouts, it is imperative that web based video is a cornerstone of your marketing approach.

This means placing compelling videos on your website that show your prospective customer two things:
1. What your company, products or services are all about.
2. How you can benefit them

Making Video Work For You

When most corporations use video it is to produce a 30 second commercial. The problem with this approach is that all your audience will see is a 30 second picture of what your company has to offer them.

Go the extra mile and show them customer success stories, your company in action, and some thoughts from the people who make your company great.

Case Study: Chef Todd Fisher

Our good friend Todd Fisher commisioned us to create a few video pieces for his website including web clips that show how to make some of his favorite recipies and a look at this high-energy chefs ability to entertain while cooking amazing food.

Chef Todd is a great cook . . . but he needs to be EXPERIENCED . . . that is where web video is helping him out every day.