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Creation: Imagination + Information

Creating a Strategy

This is where we take our research, our knowledge of your company, and our understanding of your company’s goals, and we create a comprehensive marketing strategy for your approval.

Basically what is the story . . . and who are we telling it to.

Creating a Draft

Next we graphically sketch or storyboard how we are going to tell the story. In the case of a website or other graphics we choose the color schemes, layout, plot the page structure and navigation.

With video production it's the process of scripting and storyboarding, and preparing to roll camera.

Creating the Product

Finally we begin work on the actual production whether it is video, website design, branding work etc. Each step of the creation process we make sure that we are hitting your target audience with your business goals in mind.

Case Study: Link Autism

Dedicated to empowering those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Link Autism Leadership chose Clear Blue Studios to work with them on their campaign targeted towards college students.

Through the whole process we worked with the client to script, storyboard, choose the talent and produce the final edit.

We took into account every aspect we learned during the discovery process and produced a film that is being used to bring awarenes across the country.