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Case Study: Impact Teen Drivers

Case Study: Impact Teen Drivers

Impact Teen Drivers is a national non-profit that was created to educate and draw the attention of teens to the fact that the number one killer of teens in America is reckless and distracted driving.

The challenges faced by Impact were many:

- How do they get their message into the lives and hearts of teens?

- How do they avoid being lost amongst other messages to teens?

- How do they connect emotionally with teens?

- How do they delve down bast the multitude of defenses jaded teens have these days, into the regions of their hearts where real change can take place?

These are the questions Impact Teen Drivers needed Clear Blue Studios to answer. Teens are one of the most difficult audiences to reach with the “don’t do this” message.

They are constantly inundated with messages about the dangers of drunk driving, drugs, suicide, destructive behavior, vandalism, and gang violence.

The key to reaching them is to avoid the pitfalls other programs have fallen in to by overwhelming teens with statistics, and gruesome images, and “preachy” methodology.

Stories are the way to breach teens defenses and make a real emotional connection. True stories about the lives that have been shattered by reckless and distracted driving.

We proceeded to tell the story of multiple teens who have died, been injured, or had their lives torn apart by one simple mistake in judgment through testimonial videos, memorial walls, online discussion boards for teens to tell their stories, and a hard hitting classroom video, narrated by a girl who’s life had been changed forever by a reckless driver.

So utilizing social media, a freaking sweet teen-centric website, multiple videos, and contests, we were able to create a program that is continuing to change lives.