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Discovery: How will marketing work for you?

Who You Are

At the outset of the relationship with our clients, we delve deeply into the core of who they are, their history, and their vision.

Our research is thorough yet succinct, and is always conducted with the highest level of professionalism and decorum.

Who Your Audience Is

Everyone has a core audience. The people that they need to communicate their message directly to in order to further their mission.

Whether it is moving product, sharing a service, or telling a compelling story about a cause . . . we work with people to identify and target that audience in compelling and memorable ways.

Case Study: Carmel Presbyterian Church

We were approached by the leadership at Carmel Presbyterian Church in Carmel, CA who asked us to redevlop their web presence and create a series of guest videos that would detail the ministries at the church.

After meetings with key staff and observing various meetings at the church we developed graphics, a web presence, and videos that bridged their history and their future in a way that appealed to both the younger and older generations at the church.

In addition we trained their staff to update their site on an ongoing basis and created a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization plan that continues to work to this day.