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Case Study: Trinity Christian High School, Monterey CA

Clear Blue Studios was contracted to develop a new, more user-friendly and dynamic website for Trinity Christian High School in Monterey, California that the staff could update themselves.

After extensive conversation with TCHS staff, students and the board our staff brought back a design that was colorful, easy to update for TCHS and one that met and exceeded expectations for the client.

We continue to support their website on a monthly basis, assisting in the training of staff, uploading of materials and tweaking the site for search engine optimization.

Video Production

Crucial to determining the future existence of TCHS, the school’s families and members of the community were invited to a “Jumpstart” meeting on April 30, 2009. Depending upon the support of the community, the school board was to decide whether or not the school would continue next year.

Clear Blue Studios was called on to propose an effective method of fulfilling the meeting goals. After taking an in depth look at the school, and speaking with the students, parents, faculty, and boardmembers, Clear Blue Studios recommended developing a video, to specifically and sincerely convey the heart and soul of the school.

Within a few weeks, a 10 minute video was created that captured the impact the school had on the lives of current students, alumni and teachers.

Using the students themselves as evangelists of the unique and innovative educational style of the school, Clear Blue Studios was able to provide a video that made a deep impact on the viewer. 

Through the video, the meeting goals were accomplished, and most importantly, it drew major donors which allowed the school to continue. 1,000 more DVDs were ordered to be disbursed throughout the community as a way to promote the vision of the school, and garner a community wide support for that vision.

In addition to the "Jumpstart" event video, Clear Blue Studios has been called on to film and promote other videos for TCHS including for fundraising events with Governor Mike Huckabee and retired Lt. Col Oliver North.

Our last film for TCHS was a student recruiting video featuring two students who shared their perspective on the school.