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Tracking: Advertising & Marketing Success

Get the Right Feedback

After the process is in full tilt, how will you know if it’s working? This is why we include success tracking as an integral part of our promotional strategy.

We want you to be able see a direct correlation between the resources you are expending on your promotional strategy, and the results.

Analyze and Adjust

There are many types of feedback we receive on our work:

- Personal Preferences ("I thought it was too green.")
- "Expert" Opinions ("I like Disney's website better")
- Website Analytics (How many people are showing up)
- Search Engine Rankings| Search Engine Optimization

But the best feedback that you can get on whether your marketing is working or not is by measuring customer response . . . are they buying in to what you are selling?

This is EXTREMELY important to us. Like we have said: with no strategy, or measured results you could be wasting money on a pretty marketing piece that is devoid of any real-world effectiveness.

Case Studies: Bless India

Our video for Bless India was produced to assist them in raising money for an orphanage in India. Our team traveled to India to film at the orphanage and then produced a series of videos for web and live viewing.

The films were well received and were used to raise over $220,000 and garner sponsorships for 91 orphan children.

In addition we are working on a broad-based social media strategy to give them easy to use tools to reach their audience with up to the minute updates on their Non-Profit Organization.