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Michele Swanston Andrew Fear Brian Denton Shanna Denton

Our Esteemed Leadership

Michele Swanston | Brand Manager

Every company needs the glue, the crack filler, the one person to connect the dots.  At Clear Blue Studios, Michele Swanston brings the right mixture of personality and business acumen to mind the daily balance between creative flow and business motion.

With a background in sales, co-branding and with the aid of copious amounts of fair-trade coffee drinking, Michele's versatility and flexibilty provides our clients with a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done on time and on budget.

Away from the office, Michele spends time with her family, dog, cats and a slew of plants in the garden.

Andrew Fear | Brand Manager

Bringing years of account management and acute baldness to the table, Andrew originally hails from Florida, which means he is an avid Gator fan (please don’t hold this against him, he’s really good at his job in spite of his predilection for an SEC football team), an accomplished sun bather, and a lover of all water sports.

Specializing in social media, youth advertising, event-based and innovative relationship building for businesses, Andrew is passionate about finding new ways to reach audiences.

When not bending over backwards to accomodate every whim of our clients, Andrew enjoys biking, reading and complaining about the fog.

Brian Denton | Creative Director

After years working in events and marketing with corporate clients such as Macy's, Nieman Marcus, MLB, Cisco and IBM, Brian started Clear Blue Studios on the Monterey Peninsula to service clients with new communication strategies.

Brian's strengths in visual media and storytelling has given him success in conveying compeling narratives with emotion and humor in unique and memorable ways.

Away from the office Brian can be found at the beach with his family body surfing, playing volleyball and making freaking awesome sand castles with his two girls and his wife.

Shanna Denton | Accounting

A vital part of our business is making sure we MAKE MONEY. Yes, we are one of those companies.

From keeping our numbers in order to strong-arming delinquent accounts, Shanna brings the pain to make sure at the end of the day our books are balanced. Trust us, while her smile and the baby in her arms makes her look innocent . . . Shanna takes no prisoners.

In her "spare time" Shanna takes care of her two girls and enjoys hockey, football and defending the honor of her native Canada.